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ABSTINENCE Epilogue X Takes Home the Gold, Scoring 95/100 from the IWSC in the UK

The increasing popularity of the mindful drinking movement is showing no signs of slowing if the International Wines and Spirits Competition (IWSC) results are anything to go by.

Based in the UK and proudly boasting as the oldest drinks competition in the world, the IWSC has been tasting and reviewing the world’s finest wine and spirits for over 50 years. In that time, it has earned a reputation for innovation and engagement, as well as for unbiased, meticulous, and authoritative judging.

For 2021, the competition saw a marked increase in the number of entries for its low and no alcohol categories, growing 389% compared to 2020 competition entries.

“The rapid increase in the number of products entering the low and no categories has highlighted the increased importance for a competition to select the best amongst them.”

IWSC’s Judging Committee member Christine Parkinson

Awarding products with an abv of 1.2% or below from more than 26 countries, the competitions highest accolade, a Gold Medal, was awarded to only 23 products, making up only 11% of all entrants.

We are elated to announce that our newly launched ABSTINENCE Epilogue X made a stunning debut scoring a mammoth 95 pts out of 100 in the blind tastings.

The judges had the following to say:

We are proud to add this accolade to our trophy Cabinet, which includes our Double Gold and Gold Medals we have received for the ABSTINENCE Cape Citrus, ABSTINENCE Cape Spice as well as the ABSTINENCE Blood Orange Aperitif from the Spirits Business No and Lo Masters in the UK, as well as the San Francisco Wine and Spirit Competition in the USA respectively.

Liquid excellence is one of the pillars of the ABSTINENCE brand and getting global recognition for our products makes us even more excited to get the world to try our award-winning range of products.

ABSTINENCE - Restore Balance

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