Our Distilling Process:

A non-alcoholic spirit? Yes. The first big myth is that distillation produces alcohol. It does not: Fermentation produces alcohol. Distillation is simply a method of extraction—a process by which you can capture flavour.


Our proprietary artisanal single batch  process is remarkably similar to making a craft gin; the botanicals are extracted by maceration and infusion and distilled with the same distilling equipment that you would use for any other spirit —we just don’t use alcohol for extraction. As a matter of fact, the lack of alcohol as extraction medium requires that even more of each of the botanicals are needed to end up with the desired extraction levels. Testament of our commitment of making a superior product that cuts no corners and requires the same, if not more, love and attention as its alcoholic counterparts.


Our Botanicals:

Each of our spirit variants has its own distinctive selection of botanicals and flavour profiles and is inspired by the incredible biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom and its people. A distinct, indigenous hero ingredient shines through for each respective variant, providing unmistakeable South African authenticity to each respective liquid. The Cape Fynbos showcases Rose Geranium as the hero, the Cape Citrus with Buchu and Western Cape Citrus and the Cape Spice by way of a medley of spices and Honeybush.


Our Distiller:

Our distiller is the multi-talented and serially creative James. International electronic DJ-turned full time distiller, James has always had a fascination with the alchemy inherent in the creation of finely crafted, quality products.



Inspired by Cape Town’s rich cultural diversity, culinary history and bountiful indigenous flora, the Abstinence Cape Spice draws its inspiration from indigenous African dishes, as well as our Dutch, Indian and Portuguese spice history.



Allspice, Cassia, Cardamom, Coriander, Clove, Orange Peel, Honeybush.



For the love of spice and all things nice! Our Abstinence Cape Spice is a complex blend of allspice, cassia bark and clove, lifted by floral cardamom and citrus notes.


Tasting Note:

An aromatic, complex marriage of floral notes and warm spice. 


Perfect Serve

50ml Abstinence Cape Spice, premium tonic water, orange twist & fresh thyme.



On the Southern-most tip of Africa and home to the incredibly diverse Cape Floral Kingdom, the Western Cape is one of the world’s largest exporters of citrus fruits. Abstinence Cape Citrus draws from this bountiful resource to give you the most delicious medley of citrus flavour, combined with some of its world-renowned indigenous flora.  



Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Buchu, Cassia, Pepper, Fennel, Ginger.



Summer in a bottle! Our Abstinence Cape Citrus is a citrus forward blend comprising zest, spice, and aromatic elements.


 Tasting Note: 

Dominant citrus backbone is supported by delicate notes of buchu, pepper and fennel. All neatly woven together by a warm spice element from the cassia bark.


Perfect Serve:

50ml Abstinence Cape Citrus, premium tonic water, grapefruit slice & fresh rosemary.



Inspired by the astounding biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom,

the Abstinence Cape Fynbos is the most “gin-like” of our range and draws

its inspiration from the hero ingredient - the indigenous Cape Rose Geranium. A beautifully floral creation that with the addition of Juniper berries, Angelica root and Coriander give it that trademark resemblance to Gin with slightly bitter, slightly herbal, and faintly nettle-like notes.



Rose Geranium, Juniper, Angelica Root, Coriander, Lemon



A small taste of the fynbos laden Table Mountain in full bloom during spring! The indigenous Cape Rose Geranium has a heavenly fragrant smell and is widely loved for its distinctive rose-like aroma.


Tasting Note:

A medley of lifted aromatics that is led by a fragrant rose and dominant juniper forward nose, balanced beautifully by delicate herbal and citrus notes on the palate. You would be hard pressed to distinguish it from a G&T!


Perfect Serve:

50ml Abstinence Cape Fynbos, premium tonic water, lemon peel and fresh berries




Distiller James explains that alcohol and sugar usually carry the flavour – Abstinence non-alcoholic spirits holds neither. It is therefore imperative to use a mixer to let our botanicals really shine. Treat it like you would an alcoholic spirit. We recommend tonic water, ginger ale, fruit juices, kombucha, soda or use in cocktails.

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