Abstinence Spirits is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit that is

made through a bespoke distillation process and painstakingly amassed from some of Cape Town’s finest indigenous flora.


Cape Spice Botanicals


Whole Pepper Corns 

Buchu Leaves


Angelica Root

Cassia Bark

Green Cardamom Seeds

Fresh Orange

Lemon Peel

Cape Spice Perfect Serve

50ml Abstinence Cape Spice

Premium Tonic Water

Lemon Twist & Fresh

Rosemary Garnish 

Cape Citrus Botanicals


Naartjie Peel

Lemon Peel

Fresh Orange


Pelargonium Citronellum (Lemon)

Pelargonium Fragrans (Nutmeg)

Mint Leaves

Cassia Bark

Cape Citrus Perfect Serve


50ml Abstinence Cape Citrus

Premium Tonic Water

Grapefruit Slice & Fresh Thyme Garnish 


Alcohol and sugar carries flavour very well – Abstinence non-alcoholic spirits holds neither, but when mixed with tonic or within cocktails Abstinence non-alcoholic spirits really shine and open up to our distilled Botanicals.

We suggest to always mix with Abstinence Aperitif, tonic, soda, kombucha, ice tea, ginger ale, fruit juice or as the base in cocktails rather than sipping neat.

Abstinence non-alcoholic spirits may contain trace elements of alcohol (<0.5% ABV) when consumed without mixing or diluting with other non-alcoholic liquids e.g. tonic. When diluted with tonic at the recommended serve levels, the alcohol level is comparable to the level of alcohol found in orange juice

or apple juice.

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